Data Protection Notice in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)

Pursuant to § 4g Para. 2 of the German federal data protection act (BDSG), the official representative for data protection must make the information set out in § 4e Clause 1 No. 1 through 8 (BDSG) available to anyone in a suitable form. We hereby comply with this obligation.

Name of the responsible organization:
RECARO home GmbH
Register court in Kaiserslautern HRB 30706
Sales tax ID No.: DE 148 667 343
Managing director: Jörg Bolles

Address of the responsible organization:
RECARO home GmbH
Von-Miller-Str. 17
67661 Kaiserslautern

Purpose of the collection, processing, and use of data:
The purpose of the company is to develop, produce, market, and sell seating furniture under the RECARO brand. Data are only collected, processed, and used to fulfill the purposes stated above.

Description of the affected groups of people, data, and data categories:

  • Employee data for the company’s statutory obligations
  • Customer data and supplier data to carry out the contractual obligation
  • Applicant data to carry out the application process

Categories of recipients with whom the data may be shared:

  • Public authorities in the event of overriding legal requirements
  • External clients and contractors in accordance with § 11 BDSG
  • External bodies and internal departments to fulfill the purposes stated under 4.

Standard time limits for the deletion of data:
Laws have been passed defining a number of different obligations and time limits for the storage of data. Following the expiration of these time limits, the corresponding data will be routinely deleted. To the extent that data are not affected by these laws, they will be deleted if the purposes listed under 4. no longer apply.

Planned transfer of data to third countries:
At present there are no plans to transfer data to third countries.

RECARO home GmbH